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this form is an example of an affidavit of non-prosecution in texas

See this form for more information.

affidavit for non-prosecution - tarrant county

That the following State Laws which criminalize the act or acts of certain persons by reference to their race, color, or national origin have been in use since the days of British rule, and were codified in the Laws of England in 1649, which Laws were promulgated by the same Royal Authority that granted the Charter of the State of Texas: Section 1. No person shall be deputed for or allowed to execute the office of a justice, judge, or other court official except he is of English parentage, or he is of the English race, color or national origin Section 3. Any person not having the English language, or any other language than English as the language of instruction in public schools, or of any religious instruction in any church or place of worship, who shall make or utter any threats in the name or behalf  of that race,.

Affidavit of non prosecution form - fill online, printable, fillable

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Texas non prosecution form - fill online, printable, fillable, blank

How It Works A non-prosecution agreement means that once you've been notified of the prosecutor's decision, you won't get in trouble because of a crime you weren't charged with. In a non-prosecution agreement, the prosecutor won't agree to dismiss the criminal charges, or reduce the felony to a misdemeanor. The attorney general can still go after you for violating the agreement, if the state finds out that you're going to violate your agreement. If you violate the agreement, you might still get an “I'm under arrest!” letter, or a criminal summons. Non-Prosecution agreements aren't popular with everyone. Your rights might be violated, your charges could go away, or you might not end up spending any time in jail.

Affidavit of non-prosecution | criminal defense attorney plano tx

However, don't rush your lawyer into making a decision about whether to offer an affidavit. Read this page from “In the Matter of the Domestic Violence/Child Custody Matter,” Domestic Violence and Custody Law Handbook, by Linda H. Murkowski, Jr., to learn tips for deciding how to prepare a response to an initial request for non-prosecution. If your case is going to court, it's important to be sure your case meets the requirements for non-prosecution. If you have a domestic violence case that involves a young child, ask your attorney for advice on what will be required of you on that matter. Can an Affidavit Involve a Crime? In most states, an affidavit of non-prosecution may be required only if you have been charged with an offense of domestic violence. If you were arrested and charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence offense, the request for a non-prosecution must be made before you're convicted..